Our sailing and powerboat team is itching to get back on the water teaching the sports they love! We have been closely following RYA guidance and we are now in a position to offer some Powerboat and Sailing sessions for Juniors. These sessions are limited as we are still under very strict operating procedures with a heavily reduced staffing team. 

What we have available:

Powerboat Level 1 

The Powerboat Level 1 course is a great introduction to powerboating. On this course you will cover coming alongside, picking up a mooring, man overboard, being towed, low-speed skills, and also rules of the road. At the end of this course, we expect you to be able to drive a powerboat under adult supervision. 

When: 12th August 2020 – 10:00 – 16:30

Ages/Experience: 8-16yrs no experience needed

All you need to bring is some clothes to wear while on the water and a waterproof jacket. Please note you will not have to get in the water on this course. 

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Beginner Sailing:

This session is a great introduction to dinghy sailing. During this session, we will look at sailing across the wind and tacking (turning round). This is aimed at people with no prior experience or someone who has done a little amount of sailing. 

Ages/Experience: Juniors aged between 8yrs – 16yrs -Complete beginners or those who have may have sailed a few times.

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Improver Sailing: 

This session is aimed at people who have already completed a Stage 1/2 course who are wanting to develop their skills further. We will look at developing those skills and techniques which we learned in our previous S1 and S2 courses. 

Ages/Experience: Juniors aged between 8yrs – 16yrs who have completed the RYA stage 1

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Advanced Sailing: 

The sessions is aimed at people who have a minimum of stage 2 and are looking at completely stage 3 or 4. We will also be offering coaching for anyone looking at completing any advanced modules in this session. The sorts of things we will be covering will be improving our general sailing technique while also looking at improving/ learning all the different manoeuvres from the different stages. 

Ages/Experience: Juniors aged between 8yrs – 16yrs who have completed the RYA stage 2

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  • Social distancing measures are in place at all times
  • Students will have their own boat (sailing) and will not share any equipment
  • Equipment is cleaned pre and post-use
  • Antibac gel is freely available at all times

If you have any questions, please email us at watersportscentre@scll.co.uk

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