SUP, Giant SUP and Kayak Hire is available most days throughout the summer holidays! Click the book now button to see times.

These sessions are perfect if you want to practice your skills or just have some fun. Suitable for families, friends, and individuals! Each session is 60 minutes long, you’ll get a brief and a quick demo on how to paddle before you make your way out onto dock 8.  

Activities available for hire are:
  • Sit on top kayaks
  • Stand Up Paddleboards
  • GIANT SUP (Summer Holidays)

SUP & Kayak Hire (1 craft per person)

  • £10 per adult & £7 per junior


  • £30 per board of up to 5 people
  • Bring an additional 2 people for £5 per person (Max 7)

A member of our safety team will be keeping a close eye on you, but our safety team should only be used on an emergency basis. All under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult and those aged 11 and under must be ON the water with an adult (1 Adult to 2 Children).  

Before you book, please ensure you read the session information below –  If you are booking for multiple people, you will need their email address to ‘Invite’ them to fill in their details once you have booked, please also ensure your group is aware of the following information.   

Session Information (Must read before booking)

We provide the following pieces of equipment:

  • Craft, either a Paddelboard or a Kayak (1 person per craft)
  • Giant SUP (Pay for up to 7 guests)
  • Paddle
  • A Buoyance aid that must be worn at all times
  • Wetsuits are recommended and can be hired for an additional cost of £4 if pre booked online or £5 if booked on site. You just need to bring swimming clothes to go underneath the wetsuit.  
  • If you do not wear a wetsuit, you need to bring clothes that can get wet, ideally shorts and T-shirts / gym leggings / active wear. NO SWIMMING COSTUMES / BIKINI’S / BARE CHEST  
  • SHOES – ALL Participants must bring shoes that can get wet, these need to be closed toe, solid soles and secure (Such as old trainers or wet shoes – NO FLIP FLOPS OR SLIDERS)   
  • Under 17’s must wear a helmet, which is provided.  
  • We have both male and female changing rooms with showers and toilets plus 2 individual / accessible changing rooms
  • We have lockers that are available to use. They take a £1 coin (returnable), please note we are operating with very limited cash, so we do not have change.  
  • Any loose items should not be taken on to the water, if you wear glasses, we recommend wearing a glasses strap to ensure. SWC cannot be held responsible for any damages/loss.  
  • Don’t forget to bring a towel / bag to carry your wet kit!  
  • Minimum Age is 8yrs old – 8-11yrs must be on the water with an adult (ratio of 1 adult to 2 children)
  • 11-16yrs must have an adult on site with them 
  • ALL Participants must be able to swim 50m and be water confident
  • Supervision of children on the water and in the centre is the responsibility of the parent/guardian  
  • You must be fit to take part in physical activity, if you are unsure of your suitability please consult your GP.
  • If we suspect your child is under the minimum age we may ask for proof of age, it’s also important for your child’s safety that they fit into our buoyance aids.
  • Anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, or we suspect to be, will not be allowed on the water and no refunds given.
  • If you do not bring shoes / suitable clothing, you will not be allowed on the water and no refunds will be made. We do have a box of spare shoes that people have left behind  
  • Users must be willing to comply with all safety regulations and make themselves aware of any rules and instructions, including warning notices.  
  • Hire is only available in dock 8, you must not go down any of the canals and only enter/exit via the slip way. Please note the slip way is slippery, there are two mats along each wall that users are advised to use.  
  • Spectators must wait outside of our gated area, no one is to enter past the gates without Buoyance Aids.  
  • Safety is of paramount importance to us at Salford Watersports Centre, anyone that compromises the safety of our clients and team will be asked to leave immediately  
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy in operation with regard to abuse, verbal or otherwise towards staff or other users.  
  • You must complete all forms / questionnaires. You must ensure that you or anyone who you have booked for has filled in the relevant documents prior to arrival. Failure to do so will result in a delay getting on the water as we will need to prioritise the other customers to get them on the water in time.  
  • If you are late or miss the session, no refunds will be made. If you are more than 30mins late to the session, you will not be allowed to go on the water. Sessions cannot be overrun or extended. These rules are to ensure that all customers have a smooth and safe experience.  

Please note the cancellation notice for this session is strictly 72hrs – after this no refunds will be made. You must request a refund through your booking information AND Email to request a refund.