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Watersports Development Manager

I’m Hollie, I am a Sailing, Paddlesports and First Aid Instructor but these days you will often find me planning the day, updating our social media accounts or dealing with customer enquiries.

I previously worked at the centre 2012-2015 as an instructor, before returning in 2018 as Centre manager.


Senior Instructor

I’m Alex, I am a Senior Sailing Instructor and I also manage the Wakepark!

I’ve been sailing from a young age and regularly compete at regional and national level, but Wakeboarding is also a massive part of my life!

My goal for the 2022 season is to continue to create a welcoming community attract new people to the sport! The past two seasons have been a massive success and it’s great to see the sport progress new new talent!

If you have any Wakeboard related questions – get in touch!


Senior Instructor

I’m Will one of the Senior Instructors here at Salford Watersprots  Centre. I joined the team in February 2020 having spent a few years down south teaching sailing!

My main area’s are Sailing, Windsurfing and Powerboating so if you have any questions regarding how to get involved in these activities or want to progress further then make sure you ask for me and I will make sure to point you in the right direction.

My goal for this year is to relaunch windsurfing and get as many people involved in the sport!


Customer Service Advisor

I’m Sam and I’m the customer service advisor for the centre and this is my assistant Louie sat on my knee! If you have any questions, queries or are looking to book a session then contact me!


Watersports Instructor

Hi I’m Alex,

I am a Sailing Instructor and have worked here at the centre for over 3 years.

I am a keen photographer and I have a degree in visual effects.