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Our ‘Intro to Stand Up Paddleboarding’ session is a practical 75-minute course where you’ll learn the essentials of Stand Up Paddleboarding. Throughout the session, you’ll navigate the calm inner basins of Salford Quays, picking up key paddling techniques.

Aimed at beginners, this session will arm you with the key skills needed for paddling with confidence. We’ll kit you out with a buoyancy aid, get you settled on your board with a brief demo, and then it’s into the water for some real practice.

It’s an ideal fit whether you’re flying solo, coming with mates, or teaming up with work colleagues for a bit of out-of-office bonding.




  1. Minimum Age: This session is aimed at adults, but youths aged 12-16yr can attend providing an adult is on site.
  2. Swimming Ability: All participants must swim 50m confidently.
  3. Physical Fitness: A general level of fitness, as paddleboarding can be physically demanding.
  4. Water Confidence: Comfort in and around water is essential, as participants will be on and potentially in the water.
  5. Health and Medical Conditions: Participants should be free from any health conditions that could be affected by the activity, and any potential issues should be communicated to the instructors beforehand.