Update 23/02/2023

Since the outbreak started, we have been working closely with colleagues from Salford City Council, DEFRA, UKHSA and various Quays partners to try and reduce the spread of Avian Flu, and to also look at how we can get activity back up and running as soon as possible.

Recently, a risk assessment has been produced to look at how organisations at the Quays can restart activity. As part of these measures, over the next week, specialist cleaning is taking place around Salford Quays to decontaminate heavily soiled areas including our slip way and pontoons.

In this risk assessment, activities have been classified under a risk level (Low, Medium, High) depending on the likelihood of immersion in the water and exposure to potentially contaminated faeces/water whilst this outbreak is ongoing. Whilst Avian Flu transmission to humans in general – non close contact activity /exposure is uncommon; the concern has been that the risk of transmission could increase via consumption. So therefore, we have had to take extra these extra precautions around the water / activity areas at Salford Quays due to the volume of birds (Swans, Geese, Gulls etc) and volume of faeces (Water / Land / Pontoons – Jettys)

Low, Medium and High-risk activities

Any activity that’s ‘In Water’ is classed as ‘high risk’ under these measures (Swimming, Windsurfing etc). Activities that are ‘on water’ but with limited immersion chances are classed as a ‘medium risk’ (Paddleboarding, kayaking etc). Non immersive activities such as Walking, Fishing and Rowing are classed as ‘Low Risk’.

Within each category there are also further considerations to be made depending on group/person ability, age and vulnerability.

What’s our plan:

Our priority remains to ensure the safety of all our customers, groups/schools and staff members, as well as trying to reduce the spread of avian flu.

Under guidance from the city council, DEFRA and UKHSA, we have been working under a 2-week rolling period from when the last deceased bird was found to the potential re-launch of some activities. Unfortunately, we’re still in that two-week period as sadly, there have been recent ones found in our area.

Once we have a clear period time (2 weeks), we will start to re-open some activities with the appropriate control measures in place. ‘Medium risk’ activities* will resume first and be assessed and then we will introduce ‘High Risk’ activities when we’re more confident that the outbreak is over.

*Group/Ability/Vulnerability dependant

Return to activity date?

Unfortunately, we cannot say for sure at this moment in time. The current cleaning regime that’s taking place is an important measure that will/has allowed low risk activities to be re-introduced immediately. We’re hopeful that once this and other measures have been implemented, we will have a clearer picture of a potential return date.

Please note, as our team have also been unable to access the water during this outbreak, once we have the green light to return to activity, we’ll need some time to ensure our staff training sessions have been completed before we welcome you back on to the water.

We would like to thank you for your patience and support at this time.

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via watersportscentre@scll.co.uk

Bird flu – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

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