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To register please follow the below instructions, if you have attended the centre before you might already have an account with us. Fill in your details as if you were a new member,  if the system says that you already have an account, click ‘yes I have a member ID’ then click ‘forgotten password’. If you do not receive an email link, there may not be an email attached to your account – please contact us if that’s the case.  

If you are Salford Community Leisure Gym Member, you can sign in using their existing account however you still need to sign up for the free registration. If your membership has been frozen due to COVID-19 then our memberships department will need to make a slight change to your account, please email collections@scll.o.uk

Registration link https://leisure.scll.co.uk/JoinAtHome/MemberRegistration.aspx?

Choose Watersports Centre

Fill in your details and then on the next page click Sign Up for a membership – choose watersports centre.

Then choose either FREE REGISTRATION OR WATERSPORTS MEMBERSHIP. Please ignore the block pass option. If you would like to purchase the block pass, this needs to happen AFTER you have signed up.


Submit your details. You will then be sent an email to set a password. Useful tip – your member ID is printed in the email, copy and paste this as you set the password as it will ask you for it. 

If you are experiencing problems, please see our troubleshooter.