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As the centre is under strict COVID-19 measures, it’s important that you read the below before you book onto a session. We have moved all of our operations outside so it’s likely that over the next few weeks, our reception won’t be manned. If you do need to contact us, please email us at and a member of our team will respond when they get a chance. 

Our Terms and Conditions can be found here:


  • We have limited the numbers to each slot to avoid crowds and congestion on the water
  • 2m distances must be maintained at all times and respected 
  • Bookings are now taking online through EOLA (see the blue book now button on the page)
  • There will be a marked queue area on to the left-hand side of the building (closest to the steps, opposite side to agecroft), please queue here
  • A member of our team will be operating a pop-up reception desk at the front of the building
  • There will be a bucket of swim bands, once you have signed in please pick up a random band and let the member of staff know the number written on it. This is our way of knowing who is on the water and who is off, once you have finished your swim, there will be a second bucket over by the water, place your band in there. The bands are then soaked in a chlorine solution to be cleaned. Each slot will have a different colour. 
  • If you do not hand your band back in and sign out, we will contact your emergency contact

Cancellations and Refunds: 

  • As we are using a new system, our cancellation and refund policies have changed. 
  • For Open Water Swimming, you must request a refund through EOLA and notify the centre via of your wish to cancel no later than 72 hours prior to your booking. If you do not email the centre 72hrs before, your refund will not be processed.
  • We cannot manually transfer your session to another day, you need to request a refund 72 hours prior.
  • We are very short-staffed due to covid19 pressures and therefore we ask that you do not contact us via social media or emails requesting changes to sessions or cancellations. All requests need to be made through 72 hours prior. We recommend that if you are unsure about committing to a swim, wait until the day to book. We will do our best to fit everyone in.

Prerequisites for Open Water Swimming

  • Must be able to swim 300m of any stroke continuously in open water.
  • Must wear a wetsuit in water temperature below 14 degrees or if you swim ‘skins’ you must have a tow float.
  • Post 14 degrees, wetsuits are optional but HIGHLY recommended, wetsuits not only keep you warm but they add buoyance and help to keep you afloat.
  • Brightly coloured Swim Hat – MUST.
  • MUST have filled in the question pack after booking online (each time) and provided us with emergency contact details and agreed to our terms and conditions/health commitment statement.
  • 12-16-year-olds MUST swim with a competent adult (1 adult per 2 children in close proximity). The exception to this is if you can provide a signed letter from a swimming coach (i.e Squad ability) that the child is suitable to train in open water, then that child can swim without an adult, this needs to be agreed upon prior to the session and an adult must be ‘on-site’.

Your Swim:

  • 2m distances must be maintained at all times and respected
  • Both the 300m and 500m course will be open (we swim clockwise)
  • A Member of our team will be on hand to answer any questions
  • We will provide anti-bacterial gel for entry and exit of the dock/your swim
  • We highly recommend that only experienced swimmers swim with us during this period
  • We have limited the numbers to each slot to avoid crowds and congestion on the water
  • Swimmers must come dressed to swim, the changing rooms will be closed
  • Our safety team will be operating as normal, however, we will alter our rescues (non-urgent) to adapt to social distancing. 
  • We have a fully stocked first aid supply, defib and our team are all first aid trained

Changing Rooms:

  • Closed until the 12th April, after this they will be open and available to use AFTER YOUR SWIM. This will be in place until further restrictions lift. 

Wetsuit hire:

  • This can be purchased at the time of booking 
  • We would recommend purchasing a tow float if you are swimming without a wetsuit
Car Parking:
  • We have a limited number of spaces available in our car park, please ensure you are respecting the 2 metre rule when passing others
  • Lowry car park is open